Well, we’ll always have 2023.

Michael Block, the hero of last year’s PGA Championship is back at this week’s tournament thanks to that amazing T-15 at Oak Hill, which included a slam-dunk hole-in-one, an insanely clutch up-and-down, and a plethora of other viral moments. But his fairy-tale run took a big hit early on Thursday at Valhalla.

PODCAST: Michael Block on last year’s PGA and Tiger Woods chirping him

The vibes were high to start as Block had the honor of hitting the tournament’s opening tee shot:

And it looked to be OK:

But the Arroyo Trabuco club pro made an opening bogey. And then disaster struck on the par-4 second. Block’s approach was up near the green, but he made a mess from there and walked away with a quadruple bogey.

Ouch. Block responded with a birdie at No. 4, so never say never with this guy. But for now, sadly, the Blockie magic tank is on low.


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