It’s so easier said than done. “Man, if I could just swing like [insert tour pro].” First of all, you should just swing your own swing. And secondly, it’s absolutely comical to think you could produce a similar move to a ball-striker like, say, Tommy Fleetwood.

What you can do, however, is THINK you are swinging like Tommy Fleetwood, which is exactly what Padraig Harrington had me do in the third installment of “Fixing Chrissy.” Actually, it was less “swing like Fleetwood” and more “finish like Fleetwood.”

My biggest issue this past golf season, which Paddy was quick to point out, was my obsession with “positions” in the golf swing. Everybody always told me my swing looked great, but it was not effective, as evidenced by my 220-yard weak slices that left a Wal-Mart between myself and a number of co-workers I used to outdrive consistently.

Another thing I got too obsessed with was swinging like John Daly and Phil Mickelson. Thinking I needed to take the club all the way past parallel in order to hit it as far as possible. It worked for a while for me, but it required perfect sequencing that I couldn’t rely on from round to round. Finishing like Fleetwood is something I can absolutely rely on week in, week out this season. Here’s how it works:

Paddy’s power-boosting ‘Fleetwood’ drill

1. Take the club back to shoulder height (your trail shoulder) and let it freaking rip.

2. Feel like you are “stopping” the club at impact. It won’t actually stop, of course. This will help you pull the club up and “brace,” allowing the clubface to release as opposed to keeping it wide open like I was.

3. Finish like Tommy Fleetwood. Essentially, abbreviate the follow through so that your hands finish at the height of your lead shoulder.

4. Don’t worry about how it actually looks. You won’t actually achieve the shoulder to shoulder swing, nor do you want to. You want it to feel like you are only taking it back to your trail shoulder and finishing at your lead shoulder. As Paddy says in the video below, “that looked like a perfectly normal length golf swing.”

You can watch the full video right here:

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