In this time when the game of golf has actually flourished, we need to get past these nit-picking rules that were created for another time and join the 21st century as a sport. C’mon guys – it’s the colour of Ewan Porter’s socks… Really?

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With 67 percent of golf clubs in financial distress before COVID-19 came along, and with councils eyeing off the prime land to either add other sporting amenities or to sell to simply fix their balance sheets, more than ever we need new people playing the game. Clubs won’t admit it, but they can be intimidating places. Only last year, a Sydney radio station dedicated an entire segment to the experience a Hollywood star had with this exact issue: the colour of their socks. This, much like any controversies in other games, hurts our sport.

Personally, I can’t stand white socks with black shoes (or even black pants) and will happily ‘take the mickey’ out of any playing partner that turns up wearing this (sorry Louis!). But should golf clubs or golfers like me really become the fashion police? A lot of people outside the game would argue we aren’t the best judges of attire at the best of times – and a quick Google search of bad golf fashion backs this up.

My question is: where does it stop? Currently, a multinational apparel brand is promoting a t-shirt with the top half fluoro-pink in colour. I find it hard to tell the difference between that and the guys repairing the road down the street, but plenty of pros have decided to sell it in their shops. Again, that’s my personal opinion and who am I to tell my Beef Johnson-build editor to not wear horizontal stripes!

It’s time for golf to take a breath, relax and stop nit-picking and making it hard for people to play the game. After all, it’s why we all love playing, right? (And again, it’s the colour of Ewan Porter’s socks here! If you were being really serious I would have banned him for that terrible attempt at a moustache.)

Oh, and don’t get me started on banning Ewan from the club for voicing an opinion in public.

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