Just a few short years ago, Neymar Jr. was considered the heir apparent to Ronaldo … both of them. On one hand, he had the ability to become Brazil’s successor to Ronaldo Nazario, and on the other, the global superstar potential of Cristiano. His star has dimmed somewhat following injuries and a big-money move to Saudi Arabia (stop us if you’ve heard that before, golf fans), but now he’s looking to recapture that magic at unexpected place:

The golf course.

On Tuesday, the former $222-million PSG talisman gave the Internet a rare glimpse of his golf swing. While he won’t be tearing up the American Century Championship anytime soon, there might finally be some green shoots starting to show.

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We’re not here to swing shame anybody. It’s not the greatest move in the world, but at least it’s better than LeBron’s. Plus, it’s good to see another massively popular athlete get bit by the golf bug.

There’s another interesting wrinkle at play here as well. Neymar’s weak foot is widely considered to be his left, though he swings a golf club lefty. Is he swinging wrong-handed or is he really that ambidextrous? Whichever you way you slice (ahem) it, it’s fascinating.

In the end, we hope Neymar sticks with the game long enough to one day play a LIV pro-am, because a grouping of Phil, AK and Neymar would be pure theater.

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