Nano bubble oxygen in water refers to extremely small bubbles of oxygen that are created by a patented injection system into water. These bubbles are typically less than one micrometre in diameter and can remain suspended in the water for an extended period of time. On the other hand, dissolved oxygen in water refers to oxygen molecules that are dissolved into the water molecules.

Dissolved oxygen is the result of oxygen molecules directly dissolving into the water. While dissolved oxygen is essential for aquatic life and is important for plant roots, it does not have the same targeted and localised effect as nano bubble oxygen. Nano Bubble Technology allows for precise application and delivery of oxygen to the root zone, resulting in improved turf health and resilience.

Working together when supplying oxygen to water in nano bubble form, the water also remains saturated with dissolved oxygen for a prolonged period of time, drastically reducing the decline of dissolved oxygen in irrigation water supplies. When nano bubbles are circulated regularly through stored water supplies, it’s possible to achieve hyper saturation of oxygen, which is a positive outcome in the reduction of water required during dry times. 

In summary, nano bubble oxygen in water refers to extremely small, stable bubbles of oxygen that provide targeted benefits to plants, while dissolved oxygen refers to oxygen molecules that are dissolved into the water itself. 

The key benefits: nano bubbles are much smaller and have a higher surface area relative to their volume, which allows them to adhere to the root system at a cellular level, optimising plant growth, and enhancing nutrient uptake and metabolism. Nano bubbles themselves have a longer lifespan in the water, compared to dissolved oxygen. Nano bubbles provide a sustained release of oxygen to the root system. The strength and stability of nano bubbles allows them to remain suspended in the water for an extended period of time. This means that plants can continue to receive oxygen even after the initial application, providing a continuous oxygen supply to support their growth while mitigating disease. 

The product: choosing the right remedy to fix several battles in turf maintenance proves challenging during times of severe drought or even prolonged wet. The golf courses that use Nano Bubble Technology have had success whether it be in reducing water consumption, conquering diseased turf without chemicals or the overall vibrant appearance of the course to name a few. Nano Bubble Technology is the solution to protect your investment through all varying weather events.

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