Henrik Stenson in his boxer briefs. Tommy Fleetwood blow-drying his hair. Colin Montgomerie driven to distraction by a fly. Justin Rose tossing expletives up a storm. And Gary Player, well, being Gary Player.

Those are a few of the highlights of an absolutely brilliant spoof of our strange times and the beauty and burden of video conferencing that the European Tour players put out. It’s truly LOL stuff.

Watching it also makes you realise why these guys regularly wax the US in the Ryder Cup. Their chemistry is just better, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.


The gist of the video: Former US Open champion Martin Kaymer is hosting a Zoom meeting ostensibly to discuss European Tour issues. No sooner do they start than he asks for thoughts from Player, who begins his oft-heard spiel about the difficulty of travelling in the old days.

Suddenly, he goes mute, and it’s the first of a few hilarious moments with the 84-year-old South African, who, by the way, seems to have the technology down better than Padraig Harrington.

Stenson does a bit to skewer Zoom backgrounds – “I didn’t know we were holding this meeting in ancient Rome!” – while getting up at one point to reveal he’s wearing only briefs below the waist. [How many knowing nods is that going to get?]

Montgomerie – he of the rabbit ears – makes fun of himself by coming unhinged because there’s a fly in his car, and Rose – reputed to be so polite and proper – goes on a blue tirade: “What a total (bleep) waste of time. Bunch of clowns!”

And then there’s Fleetwood, who comically distracts the meeting three times with various household duties.

Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood have funny bits, too, and Kaymer ultimately gives up in complete frustration.

As the Euros would say, “Well played, sirs. Well played.”