Max Homa has racked up some pretty impressive golf accomplishments during a PGA Tour career that includes six victories (and counting), even winning at a place his idol, Tiger Woods, never did. But the athletic highlight of his life may have come on the basketball court more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, it was very fleeting.

Homa appeared on SiriusXM’s The Smylie Show this week with Smylie Kaufman to discuss a bunch of topics, but a story involving a pick-up game and a future NFL star stood out. Apparently, the Cal golf team took on the Cal football team in hoops (Probably not a fair fight!) and Homa had the daunting task of guarding wide receiver Keenan Allen. Seems like a (particularly) tough match-up!

But Homa claims he was kind of holding his own, and he even managed to produce an amazing highlight—before things ended exactly how you’d think they would. Getting dunked on by another football player. Have a listen:

Classic. First off, kudos to Max for reliving this traumatizing experience. But also for that initial block!

Believe it or not, I once pinned a teammate on the backboard as a high school senior (I could jump higher than Phil Mickelson back then) and the shocking development brough practice to a standstill for a few minutes. I still don’t know how it happened, but it’s something I’ll never forget. And that wasn’t even against a future fantasy football legend. So, good for Max.

But unfortunately for Max, his game didn’t stop with his epic block, and instead ended in embarrassing fashion. Rough. Still, it’s a great story that Max will enjoy telling to his son one day. He just might leave out that last part.

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