One of the reasons we feature so many Phil Mickelson “He did WHAT?!?!” shots is, well, very few can pull off such stunts. A notion a college golfer and his friend found out the hard way.

Facundo Delapenna is a member of the Lindenwood University – Belleville (NAIA) golf team, and – judging by his Instagram account – a fledging trick-shot artist. Many of his performances are impressive. Alas, we are not showcasing Delapenna for his virtuosity. Rather, he earns the spotlight for a trick that went horribly, horribly wrong.

Attempting to recreate Phil Mickelson’s famous flop shot over Dave Pelz, Delapenna and his friend dramatically failed:

To their credit, it appears the duo eventually pulled it off. But from now on boys, leave the theatrics to Phill the Thrill.