The typical golfer purchases a new putter every six years, according to Golf Datatech, an industry research firm. (This is up from five years in 2013.) Clearly, the putter is a more considered purchase, especially as average prices have more than doubled during the past two decades. The confidence that comes from a proper fitting is another reason why putters are sticking. Sophisticated fitting tools aren’t just for drivers: high-speed cameras and devices like SAM PuttLab and Quintic show you how a putter can fit and improve your stroke. So skip the emotional attachment. Today, a fitting makes for a lasting relationship with your new putter – like perhaps one of these six.



Ping Vault

The four putters in this series feature a milled construction with a grooved face pattern that varies in shape and intensity to improve the way mis-hits roll.


Milled Collection RSX

Odyssey Milled Collection RSX

The face’s friction pattern maximises roll, and a slot in the sole helps produce a crisper sound not usually found on face-insert putters.


Cameron & Crown

Titleist Cameron & Crown

Weighted based on the specific requests of players looking for shorter putters, these models come only
in 33-inch lengths.



Wilson Infinite

This line of seven putters includes heavier, larger-diameter grips and slightly heavier heads to steady your hands and stabilise your stroke.


TP Collection

Cleveland TFI 2135


The six classic shapes in this series benefit from a polymer face insert with grooves cut at an upward 45-degree angle to create forward roll.


TFI 2135

Wilson Infinite

The co-polymer behind the face yields a soft feel, but the secret is how the sightline matches the geometric centre of the ball for better alignment.