The jury is still out on whether Keon Coleman will turn into a great NFL player, but the second-round draft pick has already become one of the league’s biggest characters. Coleman interview clips have been circulating as much as any player’s highlights since last week’s draft. And now a new one involving golf that we’re particularly fond of has emerged.

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It comes from Coleman’s NFL Combine interview with the Buffalo Bills, who wound up selecting the FSU wide receiver with the 33rd pick overall. To get to know their potential pick better, Bills staff asked Coleman about his off-the-field activities. And when he mentioned that he plays golf that led to one of the funniest Tiger Woods references of all time.

“I’m Tiger WishHeCould,” Coleman says. “I’m not Tiger Woods.”

Amazing. And he had the Bills staff in stitches. How could you not draft the guy after that answer?! Anyway, have a look at the hilarious exchange:

“It’s controlled chaos,” Coleman continued. “You’re frustrated, but you can’t get mad or you’ll pull a muscle in your back trying to hit the ball. So it forces me to stay calm and just swing and have some fun.”

Controlled chaos! Another great line. And what a great delivery. At the very least, the Bills lockerroom will be entertained for years to come.

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