How Flexible Are You?

Players on the US PGA Tour utilise different methods to generate power in their swings. Two that stand out are Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy.

Johnson ‘winds’ his core and chest into a braced right leg. This allows him to maintain a stretch between his lower and upper body. When you can maintain the flex in your right leg [see this issue’s cover], you load power into your right side. Most players straighten their right leg, resulting in a loss of power.

McIlroy’s power source is from the ground up. When he reaches the top of his backswing his lower body has already started to unwind back to the target. His body will move in sequence, starting with his left knee, then left hip, core, chest, arms, hands and finally the club. Power is lost from this type of swing when the player unwinds out of sequence – hands, chest then hips or an ‘over-the-top’ action.

Both players have one important thing in common – great flexibility. This comes from a lot of hard work in the gym that no doubt includes a big focus on stretching.

If you would like to hit the ball farther, I suggest you see a personal trainer to improve your strength and flexibility. They can devise a routine that will focus on improving your ‘golf muscles’.

This should have a positive effect on the consistency of your game, for lower scores.