Here’s a question: who’s the best par-3 player in world golf?
If you answered Jason Day, pat yourself on the back. The unstoppable Aussie is riding a wave of form not seen since Tiger Woods’ dominant 2000 season.
While his driving and putting seems to be getting most of the plaudits, Day’s par-3 statistics are mind blowing. The Queenslander is ranked No.1 on the US PGA tour in “Par 3 Birdie or Better”, walking off with a birdie or better nearly 20 per cent of the time.
He also ranks first in “Par 3 Scoring Average” with 2.95 and third in “Par 3 Performance” – only because he has played less par 3 holes than the leaders this year.
So what’s the secret to Day’s success on the short holes? The US PGA Champion explains below.
  1. Forget the flag. I’m looking at the middle of the green. It’s safer.In 2011 on the US PGA Tour, I ranked No.1 in par-3 performance. I finished the year 21-under on those holes and made birdie nearly 20 per cent of the time. How did I do it? In 2008, my par-3 stats were bad so my coach, Colin Swatton, and I came up with a simple strategy that many golfers find difficult to execute: Play to the middle of the green, no matter the flag’s location. It’s better to have a long putt than a chip, right? That was the foundation for an effective method of playing par 3s.