Finish like a pro

‘Sticking’ the finish indicates the rest of the golf swing was probably pretty good as well

Distance Control with Annabel Rolley

Is distance control on the green the easiest path to lower scores? Australian Golf Digest TV’s Annabel Rolley says so! Here’s why.

Putting with Annabel Rolley

There are multiple ways to deliver the putterface squarely to the ball – let AGD TV’s Annabel Rolley show you how.

Ball Alignment

Ball alignment is one of the fundamental skills of golf that people get so wrong. Australian Golf Digest TV’s Jason King explains why it happens – and how you can stay on target with every club in the bag!

Adapt to your environment with Jason King

Beating balls on the range won’t teach you everything you need to know to improve. Let Jason King show you the ‘other’ aspects to concentrate on.