From Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods, there have always been players who’ve stayed true to their putter out of faith rather than science. But just as the driver-selection process has become more about measurables through the use of launch monitors, finding the right putter for your stroke can be a numbers game, too. Modern putting technology uses high-tech motion-capture devices to offer answers almost as clear as

Odyssey has launched Odyssey Fits, a motion-detection tablet that grades putters on a 100-point scale by analysing your stroke and roll across parameters that include face angle at impact, contact point and face rotation – all in just five putts. The closer to 100, the better a putter fits a particular player. GOLFTEC’s new putting module can analyse what’s wrong with your stroke and show you how a change in head style might help you keep the face closer to square.

But all those numbers won’t take emotion out of your relationship with your putter. Nothing says true love like a curling 20-footer on the 18th green that finds the bottom of the cup.

“Motion-capture devices offer guidance as clear as”

How To Pick A Putter

Tour Edge

pure feel template

Micro-grooves on the face improve roll, and an oversize grip helps your stroke. The size quiets the hands, and a special polymer with rows of spheres boosts feel.

Tommy Armour


A steel body wraps around an aluminium face-sole insert to provide more stability on off-centre hits. A milling pattern equalises energy transfer across the face.


Toulon Garage

These 11 milled designs can be customised with multiple hosels, finish options and paintfills. An optional Stroke Lab shaft can improve consistency, too.

How To Pick A Putter


gen2 milled

This updated line uses tiny pyramid points on the face for more consistent roll. Its fitting options offer eight heads with three hosel choices and adjustable weights.

Titleist / Scotty Cameron

phantom x

Cameron calls these nine new mallets his most technologically advanced ever. The light aluminium faces mix with heavy steel bodies for better stability at impact.

L.A.B. Golf


The simple shape of this blade is deceiving. Each head is weighted so the face stays square to the lie angle, allowing you to swing the putter more naturally


my spider x

This popular mallet putter – known for its stability in a compact size – has embraced customisation: choose the colour, hosel type, sightline and face insert that you like.


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