Duo Professional

Wilson balls have pushed boundaries in lower compression with its less-expensive, low-spin ionomer cover models like the Duo Soft+. But the Duo Professional takes those same demands of average golfers for a softer-feeling ball and imports them into the category of high-performance golf balls with multilayer constructions and, most important, urethane covers. In other words, the gentle feel and forgiveness that average golfers crave in a low-compression, two-piece ball lies at the core of this ball, and the urethane cover adds the potential for greenside spin that two-piece balls can’t match no matter how soft they feel.

The Duo Professional features a compression that is a third softer than other typical urethane-cover models. The cover is about 40-percent thinner than its predecessor at barely two-hundredths-of-an-inch thick. Although many average golfers prefer the soft feel of a low-compression core construction, it’s the combination of the thin urethane cover and the harder mantle layer that yields the higher spin that low-compression balls with non-urethane covers can’t create. The thin cover also means that more of the ball’s volume can reside in the core and mantle. Together, this helps create more velocity potential on full-swing shots.

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