Vokey Design SM8

When we talk about centre of gravity in wedges – especially moving it forward – we have to realise there’s not much room to go. Unless of course you want the centre of gravity floating in front of the clubface  – which, as it turns out, is where Bob Vokey and his team pushed it for the SM8. The CG hovers in front of the wedge face due to lengthening the hosel and adding tungsten to the toe. This minimises dynamic loft at impact for a consistently stable feel, particularly on half-wedge shots. The CG is progressively located throughout the range of lofts, getting higher in the higher lofts to better optimise flight and spin. Vokey’s spin-milled grooves return with two groove shapes based on loft to optimise spin. Rows of microgrooves cut between the grooves are designed to get the most spin on partial shots. 

SPECS 23 options (46 to 62 degrees); 6 sole grinds; 4 finishes 

Reviewer profile

“Classic looks. The soft finish hides glare. Responsive in your hands and feels quick through the sand and rough. Easy to command.”

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