Glide 3.0

Ping consistently takes a utilitarian approach to club design that almost immediately becomes classic. That’s certainly true with the Glide 3.0, in which subtle tweaks add game-improvement elements to a size and shape that will fit any better player’s eye. Speaking of which, the four sole grinds include a fully modern but true-to-the-original take of the venerable Eye2 sole design, including the narrow hosel transition for better bunker performance. Those other game-improvement elements include a large elastomer insert in the back cavity that provides softer feel and raises the centre of gravity for lower-launching, higher-spinning trajectories. The milled grooves differ by loft based on the types of shots typically hit. This includes an extra half-groove on the higher lofts for more spin on partial shots.

SPECS 17 options (46 to 60 degrees); 4 sole grinds  

Reviewer profile

“Sleek, modern design. A thick underside prevents getting deep in the sand, so shots fly high.”

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