What it does: There isn’t one way to swing a hybrid. You can sweep it like a fairway wood or hit down on it like an iron. Titleist uses three hybrid models to cover those needs. The TSR2 is more for sweepers and uses a deep but low centre of gravity to provide forgiveness and a higher launch than an iron as well as more control than a fairway wood. The compact TSR3 is better for iron swings because of its forward CG. Finally, the ultralight TSR1 might be the only “fairway wood” a moderate swing-speed player should ever use (even though it’s still only a hybrid). Each of these new models is jacked up with more aggressively tailored face designs to enhance forgiveness (TSR1, TSR2) or centre-hit strikes (TSR3).

Why we like it: The 16-way adjustable hosel might feel like overkill, but because hybrids should be an extension of your iron set, getting the lie angle right is crucial, especially given how much these are hit off the ground. These hosels easily facilitate finding the right lie angle for your swing, and that leads to more consistent contact and perfect loft-gapping. Also, the TSR3’s almost invisible adjustable weight track is only slightly less ingenious than it is effective.

Lofts 20, 23, 26, 29 (TSR1); 18, 21, 24 (TSR2); 19, 21, 24 (TSR3)

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“Nothing fancy, but it feels super crisp through impact. The ball flight is penetrating and consistent. The definition of a rescue club.”

– Player comment

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