Paradym/Paradym X

What it does: The smallish face of a hybrid presents club designers with a challenge: how do you make the face flex consistently fast all over and not just on centre strikes? Callaway’s team stretches the possibilities for the faces in its hybrid line in three ways. First, the faces are all individually designed through complex and uncommon geometries developed by artificial intelligence. Second, the cupface design flexes more broadly by wrapping around the crown and sole and through the use of high-strength Carpenter 455 steel. Third, internal wings connect the crown and sole at the extreme heel and toe for maximum flex, especially lower on the face.

Why we like it: Faces get all the attention, but let’s pause for a
moment and appreciate the soles on these because how a hybrid goes through the dirt says a lot about how successful you’re going to be. The rippled back portion of the sole and the consistent heel and toe relief helps these clubs, both the oversize and forgiving Paradym X and the lower-spinning standard model, glide through any variety of lies. It also increases stability, and the flat tungsten weight that stretches across the front part of the sole helps with launch.

Lofts 18, 21, 24, 27 (paradym); 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 (paradym x)

Reviewer profile

“I like how the mix of colours and materials comes together. It’s light, but I never lost the clubhead. A metalwood feedback with a lively launch.”

– Player comment

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