It seems plenty of golf-ball manufacturers have been talking about the difficulties of keeping the core, mantles, covers and even paint jobs perfectly balanced so that the ball flies and rolls as it was intended. Maxfli has been pursuing that idea for the past few years with its urethane-cover Tour balls. At the final stage of manufacturing, each ball is spun to find the actual centre of gravity, and that’s where the alignment line is affixed. Lining up the centre of gravity on tee shots and putts optimises distance, consistency and accuracy. These latest versions feature more spring in the cores, new mantle-layer formulations to reduce spin and softer covers to create more greenside grab.

Is it for you?

Tour: The three-piece design emphasises a softer feel. The flight will be a click lower than the X, but slower swing speeds might see a touch more distance than with the firmer X.

Tour x: The two layers dial in the right speed and spin for better distance for faster swings. The flight will be mid-high and with more spin on iron shots.

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