Australian Golf Digest 2015 Leaders of the Pack

 (below, top left)
Hoofer (2.5kg, eight pockets)
A perennial Hot List pick for its ergonomic smarts. The sliding straps keep the bag balanced whether you’re using both or just one. Plus, the rainhood is concealed
in the hip pad.

TAYLORMADE (below, top right)
TourLite (2.2kg, seven pockets)
Having a top handle to grab as the bag slides off your shoulders has become essential in a carry bag. The TourLite’s oversize grip is one of the best.

CALLAWAY (below, middle)
Fusion 14 (2.5kg, 10 pockets)
A hybrid design that works for walkers or riders, this bag has straps that easily unclip to keep them out of the way when you’re on a cart. The 14-way divider means you’ll always know when you’ve left a club behind.   

DATREK (below, bottom left)
Lite Rider (2.7kg, seven pockets)
Its soft handles and carry-bag weight make this cart bag easy to use. But the lighter frame still provides plenty of storage, including enough space for a rainsuit.

SUN MOUNTAIN (below, bottom right)
Front 9 (1.8kg, six pockets)
This small bag earns high marks for performing big. The top is flared to make it easier to pull clubs out and put them back.  

Bags Hot List

TITLEIST (below, top left)
Ultra Lightweight Stand (2.3kg, six pockets)
Lighter bags sometimes short-change storage, but three full-length dividers here reduce the likelihood that your clubs will get tangled at the bottom of the bag.

CALLAWAY (below, top right)
Hyper-Lite 3 (2.1kg, six pockets)
The foam inside the straps and the mesh on the outside softens the load on your shoulders. Also, the base provides more ground contact for stability on the turf or in a pushcart.

NIKE (below, middle)
Air Hybrid (2.8kg, 12 pockets)
There is a spot for every club, and two of the pockets are waterproof to protect your gloves and valuables. Elastic between the straps makes for better balance.

TAYLORMADE (below, bottom left)
PureLite (2.4kg, nine pockets)
You know how your carry bag contorts when it’s fastened to a cart? Not this one. The square bottom keeps it from twisting. The top opening is extra roomy, too.  

SUN MOUNTAIN (below, bottom right)
C-130 7-Way (3.1kg, nine pockets)
Three sturdy handles, forward-facing pockets and a hidden cart-strap channel make the C-130 a longtime favourite. This option offers a simpler top with just seven dividers.

2015 Hot List Bags