Have you ever wanted to have a golf course in your home? How about multiple courses? Impossible? Not a chance.

Golfsim Australia installs golf simulators in private homes as well as at golf clubs (perfect for when it’s too wet for ‘real’ golf), indoor venues and for hire. Simulators can be installed in high-rise buildings, basements, sheds, rumpus rooms, games rooms and elsewhere. It’s raining cats and dogs outside but you’re still chasing birdies? Here’s your solution.

Golfsim Australia has installed simulators in more than 50 homes in the past eight years. With more than 90 international golf courses and many different modes of play for up to eight players at once, home simulators offer the pinnacle of indoor entertainment. Plus, they double as a huge screen for playing computer games, watching movies or television. The screen can also be coupled with an indoor bike simulator for additional entertainment and exercise.

They double as a huge screen for playing computer games, watching movies or television.

Golfsim Australia custom simulators are built to order offering the greatest flexibility. The system utilises the Trugolf or Bravo Golf systems, as well as high quality Epson and Panasonic projectors, locally sourced computer systems and touchscreens plus high-quality synthetic turf designed for golf. Screens are sourced from the latest textiles from Korea and are custom manufactured for golf simulators. Each screen is stretched tight to fill the space and the fabric does not succumb to deformation produced from golf ball impact. The company can customise a solution to fit your exact requirement, including side curtains or perhaps foam tiles, acoustic panels or upholstered walls – whatever the required finish. Simulators that are quick and easy to put up and take down can also be designed.

These simulators offer instantaneous feedback for all the necessary swing and ball parameters necessary to improve your game and better understand your swing mechanics. In addition to the metrics offered by the Trugolf software, it is possible to integrate high-speed video cameras to the same computer and an additional screen. Golfsim Australia offers a solution for up to three video cameras operating at once.

Visit golfsimaustralia.com.au for simulator options and for more information.