We are living in a Golden Age of content. Or a Dark Age depending on how you look at the world. Either way, everybody and their mother thinks they can make it big by simply hitting record, and in many cases, that’s true.

But some people would be better off never, ever hitting that red button, as it can only lead to bad things. That’s the case for a man by the name of Carlos Rodriguez, a Whistling Straits and TPC Scottsdale caddie who goes by @los_loops on Instagram.

In Rodriguez’s most recent Instagram video, he sets up a selfie stick (?? no idea what these are called anymore) in front of a tee he’s about to film himself hitting an iron from. We’re guessing the idea was to get a cool view of his swing from the front. As he tees his ball in the ground, Rodriguez says, “Dude, I’m scared I’m going to hit my phone…”

Take a wild guess what happens next.

Did you guess he’d hit his phone? Congrats, you win nothing.

We’d like to think this was done on purpose/staged, but Carlos’ way-past-parallel swing tells me he does not have that much control over his golf ball. That indicates this was for real.

I take it back, Carlos, keep slanging that sweet, sweet ‘tent. Maybe just keep the phone behind you at all times going forward.