You always have to keep your head on a swivel on the golf course. You never know when an errant shot is going to enter your orbit, whether from one of your own playing partners or the hacks one fairway over. The last ball you ever expect to get hit by, however, is your own. This unlucky S.O.B. learned that lesson the hard way when his tee shot immediately came back to haunt him in the most painful way imaginable. Watch it and weep.

Goodness gracious. Just think about the odds of this. Not just your tee shot ricocheting back and hitting you, but hitting you there. And not just hitting you there, but hitting you there with cameras rolling. And then that video, of the billions of golf videos floating around the internet, going viral. In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer, “A million-to-one shot, doc. A million to one.”

Here’s hoping this warrior was able limp through his round, rest up with a bag of frozen peas and is back out there already. Whether or not he’ll one day be able to father children remains to be seen, but if not, we hear dogs are cool, too.

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