Adam Scott never thought he would wear spikeless golf shoes. He began his career wearing the stiff, metal-spiked FootJoy Classics. He wanted structure and traction to support his golf swing. 

When “spikeless” shoes came out, the view among tour players was “you’ll just slip around all over the place”, Scott says. But technology evolved, and Scott began wearing a shoe with plastic nubs in 2015. He didn’t lose traction.

“In golf there are myths that have been around that aren’t necessarily true,” he says. “Spikeless was one. I’d say, ‘This spikeless shoe might have better traction,’ and guys would say, ‘No way – I’d slip everywhere’ without even trying it.” Seven years later, Scott’s back in a spiked shoe, this time one with plastic cleats because he needs more structure to help alleviate calf ache. 

 As technology and Scott’s needs evolved, so did his shoe choices. It’s a good lesson for all golfers: (1) Be amenable to trying different types of shoes to find what best fits your game. (2) Don’t judge a new shoe without trying it. (3) Ask to test your golf shoes. 

Golf Galaxy’s Chris Marchini lets his customers take shoes for a spin in the hitting bay because making swings is the best way to evaluate shoes. 

Featured image (anti-clockwise from top left)

Footjoy Tour alpha
The heel counter and external framing secure your foot, and nine cleats and 87 lugs help connect you to the ground. 

G/fore G/drive
Instead of laces, two dials secure your foot. By being able to vary tightness on different parts of the shoe, the fit becomes more customised. 

Puma Proadapt alphacat
The varied shapes of the traction elements enhance the shoe’s grip. The mesh upper is lightweight,
comfortable and waterproof. 

Adidas Tour360 22
The new plastic cleats vary in size to more evenly distribute your weight, and the shape is designed to grip without damaging greens. This shoe is also made from recycled materials. 

Under Armour HOVR tour SL
The bottom of the shoe is less stiff in areas where your foot needs to be able to move during the swing but stiffer elsewhere to maintain support.

Nike Air zoom infinity tour next
Extra cushioning in the front increases comfort and responsiveness, and a redesigned outsole helps improve traction.

Above image(anti-clockwise from top left)

Skechers Pro5 hyper
The footbed is made from durable materials to help your feet feel less fatigue over more rounds. 

Cuater The moneymaker luxe
The leather upper is stain resistant to keep shoes looking fresh. Inside is a mesh layer for extra breathability.  

True Linkswear All day ripstop
The recycled polyester upper is wind and water resistant. The casual look means you can easily transition from the course to the street. 

Footjoy Fuel
The new foam used in the midsole is light, and this athletic model has additional structure in the arch for

New balance NB x Defender
The midsole comes from the company’s running line, so you’ll get maximum cushion and energy return from the ground up. 

Asics Gel-kayano Ace
Gel underneath the heel makes for a comfortable walk. A waterproof lining makes these a good option for dewy mornings.   

Ecco Biom c4
Durable plastic posts along the arch and a wider heel improve stability. Angled traction elements help optimise the foot’s movement during the swing.