First things first, we had to double check that this wasn’t April Fool’s Day. Because that’s how ridiculous Frank Bensel Jnr’s feat at the US Senior Open is.

But no, it’s June 29. And it’s real. Frank Bensel Jnr really just made back-to-back (!) holes-in-one (!!). At the US Senior Open.

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We could cover golf for the rest of time and probably not see this accomplishment topped. Sure, there have been back-to-back aces before – even, supposedly, on a pair of par 4s – but in competition? That’s unheard of.

But the USGA confirmed as much overnight. Take a look at this scorecard:

Insane stuff. And here’s a video of Frank, the longtime head pro at Century Country Club, plucking his golf ball out of the hole:

On one of the holes, that is. Again, the guy has TWO aces in his round already.

Amazing stuff. Congrats, Frank. But that bar tab at Newport Country Club is going to be pretty steep!

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