If there’s one thing we’ve established this past week, it’s that golf fans love seeing viral videos of fans doing crazy – and often, embarrassing – stuff at the WM Phoenix Open. And if there’s one thing we’ve established in recent years, it’s that those same fans love seeing viral videos of fights on a golf course. Well, boy, do we have a treat for you.

That’s because these two popular genres overlapped on day three when a fight between fans broke out at TPC Scottsdale. And we can’t say we’re surprised.

After all, it was on Saturday that the tournament announced it was closing its gates to prevent more people from coming onto the property and that it was suspending alcohol sales. Smart move when stuff like this starts to happen:

Look, we’re all for having a good time. You want to wear a wedding dress to a golf tournament or show up as Borat and enjoy a couple of pops? Have at it. But we obviously don’t condone this type of behaviour. And neither do the players:

Hopefully, everyone in attendance on the final day can do a bit better. Not that we’re betting on that happening.

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