Tour Edge Hot Launch 524 irons and wedges: What you need to know

Tour Edge’s Hot Launch C524 irons and wedges are designed for golfers who prefer a more classic cavity-back design. The E524 irons and wedges provide plenty of help by focusing on ease of getting the ball up in the air or, in the case of the wedges, out of the sand.


Cobra Darkspeed irons: What you need to know

Cobra seeks to build on its Aerojet irons with its follow-up, the Darkspeed. More than just a modest tweak, the Darkspeed makes meaningful moves forward with a new hollow-body construction that is filled with a lightweight foam.

XXIO Prime irons: What you need to know

The technology behind the Prime model includes lightweight, counter-balanced shafts and a clubhead design intended to maximise rebound on shots hit low on the face.