Improving Water Penetration and Distribution during El Niño

When mitigating water management during El Niño, Nano Bubble Technology is an essential weapon in your arsenal to combat an already tricky

situation. Maintaining consistency in a turf’s playing surface can prove to be a superintendent’s nightmare. But what if we told you there’s a solution?

Nano Bubble Technology has spent the last 10 years refining and improving its methods and now offers a cost effective water management tool that all courses can implement. While Nano Bubble Technology has many benefits,in this article we’ll discuss its major advantages during El Niño events.

Nano Bubble Technology employs scientifically proven methods to enhance water quality, leading to improved water penetration, distribution and overall soil health. This is achieved by generating billions of incredibly small nano bubbles. These bubbles have a high surface area to volume ratio and are rich in oxygen, enabling them to remain suspended in the water for extended periods.

The improved water penetration and distribution provided by Nano Bubble Technology can significantly benefit turf health during El Niño. It aids in preventing root stress by ensuring the turf has consistent access to both moisture and critical oxygen – in the form of nano bubbles and dissolved oxygen – even during periods of drought or excessive rainfall. This promotes healthy root growth, turf resilience, nutrient absorption and overall plant vigour.

When soil is irrigated with oxygen rich nano bubble water, the oxygen bubbles travel through the soil, adhering to the root system. This process works

at a cellular level, optimising the turf’s ability to regulate its temperature and manage diseases through free radicals, leading to minimal turf damage.

The hyper-saturated oxygen bubbles in the water also enhance soil aeration by breaking up compacted soil particles and increasing pore space. This

improves water infiltration and reduces runoff . Additionally, the nano bubbles help disperse water more uniformly throughout the soil profile, preventing waterlogging and ensuring the turf’s root system receives adequate moisture and oxygen.

Moreover, by optimising water penetration, distribution and absorption, Nano Bubble Technology reduces the risk of diseases caused by overwatering or waterlogged conditions. It fosters an environment conducive to effective drainage and aeration – essentials for healthy turf.

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