We interrupt our Ryder Cup coverage to bring you some breaking news from the celebrity golf world. Dwyane Wade made his first hole-in-one. And he couldn’t have picked a better place to do it.

The NBA legend’s ace came on Friday while playing the iconic seventh hole at Pebble Beach. What a spot!

Even better? The cameras were rolling. And not surprisingly, he was as pumped up about it as he was when he won those three NBA titles. Have a look:

What a shot. What a reaction.

Wade was quickly congratulated by the likes of LeBron James, Usher, and J.R. Smith. Pretty cool to see that word of a hole-in-one travels as quickly among rich and famous celebrities as it does among normal weekend hacks.

Anyway, congrats from us as well, Dwyane. But while we love the enthusiasm, you might want to sleep on that whole golf tattoo idea. Just saying.

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com