You’re finally going to do it. This summer, you’re finally to cross that dream golf vacation off your bucket list, come hell, high water, or Delta smashing your clubs on the tarmac. But there are still important decisions to be made. Who you’re inviting, when you’re leaving, and, most importantly, where you’re going. The world is your oyster, but choose wisely, because your choice says more about you than you might think …

St. Andrews Links

Dom Furore

You like things the way they used to be; wooden woods, windable watches, and blood pudding for breakfast. You would hop a steamship to Scotland if you could find one.

Shadow Creek


The Henebrys/Courtesy of Shadow Creek GC

You like to let it ride. Side bets? Bring ‘em on. Double or nothing? Now you’re talking. You’ll make it all back at the roulette table anyway.

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Torrey Pines South


Stephen Szurlej

You’re tracking the paw prints of the Big Cat. You wear Sunday (ahem “Sun Day”) red seven days a week. The only thing more important to you than El Tigre? Life-changing burritos.

Bandon Dunes


Dom Furore

Golf to you is spiritual; a higher power. It’s the poetry of your soul … and your soul doesn’t mind booking two years in advance.

The Cradle


Courtesy of Pinehurst Resort

You’re here for a good time, not a long time. You wanna throw back a couple of High Noons, talk some trash and still get back to Airbnb in time to hit the town … well, if Pinehurst counts as a town, that is.

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Pebble Beach


Stephen Szurlej

Three Michelin stars for dinner, a Rolex on your wrist and Harvard for the kids: You don’t always splurge, but when you do, you settle for nothing but the real deal.

Punta Espada Golf Club


2010 Stan Badz/PGA TOUR

You live La Vida Loca. You prefer your cocktails with little umbrellas in them. You tan instead of burn … also you’re bringing the missus.

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Cape Kidnappers

6. Cape Kidnappers

Stephen Szurlej

You’re a wanderer. A citizen of earth. The only thing you crave more than a fresh perspective are the flier miles.

Pine Valley valley 5th hole.jpg

Courtesy of the club/Charley Raudenbush

You’ve rewatched ‘The Sopranos’ like five times. You know Snooki’s real name. You’re listening to the The Boss while packing a Marty Brodeur sweater for those cool August nights. You’re Jersey till you die.

Sweetens Cove


Photo by Rob Collins

You’re the cool friend. You knew about that band before they were big. You think think Jason Day’s fits are “fire.” Your Jones bag is made out of ethically sourced El Paca leather. Most importantly, you take your bourbon neat and even pretend to like it.

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