By Alex Myers/Golf Digest

IT MAY sound like another US Presidential campaign promise, but it’s not. Donald Trump’s latest proposal to build a wall only has to do with protecting one of his golf courses.

 Politico reported the Republican presidential candidate has applied to build a wall around Trump International Golf Links in Ireland. The reason? To help protect the course from rising sea levels and erosion.

Trump’s permit application and environmental impact statement cites “global warming and its effects” as the main reasons necessary for such a drastic move. As Politico and others have pointed out since this report, the wording in the application is particularly interesting since Trump has long denounced global warming, previously going as far as calling it a “total hoax.”

Trump’s camp didn’t respond to questions from both Politico and the Associated Press.

Trump is hoping to have a 3-kilometre stone wall built between his County Clare course and the Atlantic Ocean. According to the Associated Press, the beach in front of the 18th green is eroding at a rate of about one metre per year.

This isn’t the first time Trump has been involved in a legal matter involving the environment and one of his Europe courses. In December, Trump lost a third court decision in his longtime battle against the creation of a wind farm near his Trump International Golf Links in Balmedie Scotland.