Let’s just get to the post, because it’s impossible to write anything better than the following.

Can I golf with night vision?
byu/SubRedTed ingolf

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“So here’s the deal,” begins the Reddit question of the century. “I live about 200 yards from a municipal course that’s very walkable and I’m very familiar with. I have young children and it’s difficult for me to golf as much as I’d like. I have a season pass that allows me to golf as much as I’d like. Would it be incredibly unethical to buy night vision optics and play at night between the hours of 11pm-2am regularly with high quality night vision optics? I’m in my thirties, a 10.4 hdc and love walking the course, fixing my divots and respecting my course. Also, if anyone has any recommendations of optics I’d love to hear your thoughts. Wife is onboard.”

What an idea. In its first 24 hours, this r/golf post has more than 2,700 upvotes and has made its way onto other social media sites. It looks like we’ve got a soothsayer on our hands.

Some took it as a real question.

“I have experience using both monocular and binocular military night vision,” one commenter responded. “It would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to golf with either. Your best bet would probably be Panoramic night vision goggles (PNVG). If you got $40k+ to burn, give it a try and let us know how it goes.”

“Here’s what you do… thermal. But get a special ball with some sort of heat capability. Now go forth and be the man we all need you to be,” said another.

Others, of course, saw the lunacy in the inquiry saying that this was “the most insane post I’ve seen on this subreddit”, “psychotic” and that this deserved the label of “addict”.

No matter what you think, you can’t deny that this guy has a relatable dream… to play more golf despite the elements doing everything they can to keep you inside. Somehow this fella has young children too, which is the upset of the century.

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Many mentioned that golf simulators exist, but it’s just not the same. Why be comfortable when you can be scavenging for your ball in unknown conditions fighting with sprinklers and interventionists across our great sport?