Even for the golfer who’s not interested in politics, there’s reason now to pay attention to presidential matters next week. According to a report, Donald Trump might try to mix golf into the itinerary for his scheduled meeting on June 12 with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

It might not be a surprise that Trump, whose name appears on more than 15 golf properties around the world, would mix golf into his historic diplomatic meeting. According to the website TrumpGolfCount.com, Trump has visited a golf course 110 times during his time in office thus far. And if all things go well during the proposed meeting, scheduled to take place next Tuesday at the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, apparently Trump has thought: why not go play golf?

“He has also discussed [possibly] golfing with Kim,” a senior Trump administration official told the Daily Beast.

If Kim and Trump do tee it up, they have some good options nearby. Sentosa Golf Club has two courses, and its Serapong course ranks inside our World 100 Greatest courses (currently at No.79, after being 58th in our previous ranking). The Serapong course is the No.1 course in the country. An American, Ron Fream, actually designed the course, which has tremendous views of downtown Singapore as backdrops, so we have a feeling Trump would approve.

Though Trump has always been known as a good player (his handicap index is still listed as a 2.8, though he hasn’t posted a score in two years), Kim’s level of play is unknown. But you likely know that his father, Kim Jong Il, once claimed to have a shot a 38-under 34 – including five holes-in-one. State news agencies even covered Kim’s outing … that’s a big deal. Hopefully that pedigree made it down a generation.

Point being, expect some really, really low scores if Trump and Un do tee it up.