Charles Barkley was back to work on NBA opening night Tuesday, but it looks like he’s already in mid-season (bad) form on the golf course.

Actually, we’re mostly kidding when it comes to our Turner Sports colleague whose golf game has made huge improvements under the tutelage of Golf Digest instructor and former PGA Tour pro Stan Utley. But while that hideous hitch may be gone, the Round Mound of Rebound is still capable of hitting crooked shots.

And apparently, the NBA legend did just that in a recent round with Isabel Prado. And lucky for us the former college golfer filmed herself ripping Chuck as he finds his yellow ball in an unretrievable spot in someone’s backyard—and his classic reaction. Have a look:

At least, we assume Barkley didn’t hop that fence. As Kenny Smith pointed out on Tuesday night, the 60-year-old is in good shape right now, but this isn’t exactly Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley.

“Damn, whoever hit this ball must freaking suck at golf,” Prado says in the video. Boom. Roasted.

Sorry, Chuck. Happens to the best of them.

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