There are few things more exciting to young kids than getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy. Even Santa Claus never leaves cold hard cash. Cheap bastard. But one brother-sister combo came up with a way to expedite the process of this beloved figure coming to their house.

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OK, so tying a golf ball to a loose tooth and hitting a shot is a trick that’s been done before. And this actually happened back in May, but we were just made aware of it by our friends at Zire Golf. Regardless, it’s still a fun idea. Provided no one hits a shank.

But that wasn’t a problem for Taylor Underhill, an accomplished junior golfer from Arizona. Her brave little brother allowed her to perform this crude operation – and we’re happy to report it went well. Have a look:

Great stuff, guys. And nice swing, Taylor. It’s also a nice way for siblings to bond so you love to see it.

But if you do try this at home, just make sure the person swinging the club knows what he/she is doing. Oh, and that the tooth in question is pretty loose.

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