G430 Max 10K Driver

The G430 Max 10K is Ping’s straightest and highest MOI driver to date, eclipsing the
10,000g-cm2 combined moment of inertia threshold first surpassed by the G400 Max five years earlier. Three main visible technologies and differences distinguish the G430 Max 10K: a fixed back weight, a larger head profile, and a Carbonfly Wrap on the crown.  

Ping’s biggest head profile to date maximises the R&A/USGA-allowable heel-toe and front-back dimensions while staying within the 460cc volume limit. This eye-pleasing shape helps square the golfer to the target and inspires the confidence to hit longer, straighter tee shots. Such is the performance of the new Max 10k model, even PGA Tour bomber Cameron Champ has thrown it straight in the bag for added control and – ultimately – more fairways hit. RRP: $1,150

s159 Wedges 

With the addition of two grinds and new loft offerings, the s159 wedges represent Ping’s most versatile wedge line to date, significantly advancing wedge performance and expanding fitting options. 

The 8620 carbon steel head is cast to an eye-pleasing shape with a more-square lead edge, especially beneficial on full shots. An elastomer insert behind the face contributes to the soft and responsive feel. 

Wheel-cut grooves are precision-milled to varying dimensions, depending on loft. The 54 to 62-degree options feature more tightly spaced MicroMax grooves. The 46 to 52-degree wedges have a 20-degree sidewall, milled to maximise groove volume for greater control on full shots.

In combination with the friction-adding face blast, the s159 wedges deliver the launch and spin control to play score-lowering wedge shots from every distance. 

RRP: $370 (steel); $400 (graphite)

2024 PLD Milled Putters 

Introducing five new models to the PLD Milled family, a collection of tour-validated designs, each with a history of winning championships. The five new models are the Anser, Anser 2D, DS72, Oslo 3 and Ally Blue 4. 

Like other PLD Milled models, the putters undergo a comprehensive milling process that ensures every surface and radius is carefully shaped to achieve the high quality and premium look expected in a precision-milled putter. 

In addition to score-lowering performance, these models are distinguished by an attractive gunmetal finish. The face milling pattern on all five designs relies on tour-preferred deep AMP grooves to produce a soft feel for precision and control.  

RRP: $870

Blueprint S Irons

Developed following extensive testing with Pings’s top tour pros to meet their “must haves” – control and precision – Blueprint S delivers the score-lowering performance demanded by the best players in the world.

The compact shape fits the discerning eye with a thin top line and minimal offset. The 8620 carbon steel head boasts a clean cavity design, distinguished by an eye-catching forged textured pattern and hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish. 

What further sets this iron family apart is the split-set construction technology called “precision pocket forging”. This patented forging technique allows Ping to forge a pocket into the cavity of the 3, 4 and 5 irons. The pocket saves 10 grams of weight, which is re-allocated to increase the MOI and optimise the centre of gravity position for more distance and trajectory control. RRP: $420 per iron (steel); $440 (graphite)

Blueprint T Irons

For the accomplished golfer who relies on control and precision, Blueprint T delivers a single-piece, 8620 carbon steel forging that puts a premium on workability, trajectory control and superb feel. 

A shorter heel-face height allows the hosel transition to blend smoothly into the top rail, creating a clean, distraction-free appearance at address. The narrow soles enable consistent turf interaction from all conditions. 

In tour-player testing, Blueprint T produced more ball speed than previous generations while increasing max height for green-holding performance. Precision-milled grooves ensure the preferred launch and spin for players who rely on pinpoint control. 

RRP: $420 per iron (steel); $440 (graphite)

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