OK, first things first: Don’t even think about trying this at home. You could literally die. Alcohol poisons your body, and the chemical reaction that occurs to that poisoning is what we call “a buzz.”

Now imagine you drastically exceed that low dose of poison? Yeah, you get the idea. And if you think that’s bad, just picture the effect 18 hot dogs would have on your digestive system. It ain’t pretty.

But when a guy named Ronnie (obviously) dressed as Mr Larson (even more obviously) downs 18 brewskis and 18 dogs while playing 18 holes and lives to tell the tale, well, we’re not NOT going to share it. Watch on if you dare.


And YOU can count, on ME, waiting for YOU in the parking lot… For a few more Beers. #beer #golf #golftiktok #barstool #golfer #football #guinnessworldrecords #nascar #happygilmore #golfcourse #fyp #weekend #golfclub #gun #comedyvideo #18holes #college

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Consider this a cautionary tale, not a celebration. Sure, on one hand we’re impressed. This is R-rated Joey Chestnut stuff and we all know Joey Chestnut is the most dominant athletic force since Y2K Shaq.

On the other, can you imagine what this guy might accomplish if he attacked something important with the same tenacity and commitment that he applied to drinking beers, eating hot dogs and playing golf? He could singlehandedly reverse climate change if he put his mind to it.

So anyway, disclaimer issued. You get the point – this is a “do as I say, not as I do” situation. But we are required by law to highlight excellence in golf, and this, in its own way, qualifies.