Titleist Speed Project – New TS metals

IT BEGAN with a challenge from the game’s greatest players. A mission to solicit speed from every detail of the driver, embarked on by a collection of uniquely-gifted R&D minds.

The “TS” project is a peerless pursuit of speed where every micron and milligram matter. Two letters that mark the way to the future of Titleist speed. It’s not one thing, it’s everything. Titleist’s new Speed Chassis is the result of a two-year mission to deconstruct the driver and then design greater speed into every detail. Now available in two designs, each born to bring the future of Titleist speed to your game, TS2 lets you swing aggressively with maximum forgiveness across the face, while TS3 offers an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance.

An authorised Titleist fitting is the fastest way to add the new speed of TS2 and TS3 metals to your game. Your experienced professional can expertly diagnose which model is right for you and tune your perfect fit using our SureFit technologies. Ask any tour pro, there is no better way to get your driving game up to speed.

New TS Metals fittings available now and in golf shops end of September.

For more information go to titleist.com.au

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PnP Golf PRL Putters

TO BE a very good putter – consistently sinking putts from a range of eight to 10 feet – there are two critical elements you must be proficient at: alignment set-up and alignment execution.

The unique design of the Parallel Putter head addresses these two alignment issues. The putter’s head features three broad parallel bars that are the same width as a golf ball. These bars and ball combine to form the two basic and critical elements needed for a perfect putt – alignment set-up and execution.

After visually establishing your putting line, place the parallel bars directly behind the ball and then align your feet, hips and shoulders to these bars so that all looks and feels parallel. Doing this will correctly set your body to the best putting position.

At set-up, the parallel bars’ extended length visually combines to form a strong, straight and parallel channel to stroke the putterhead back and then through the ball. The mass central head weight directly behind the ball, combined with the milled striking face, promotes an immediate positive feedback on ball impact and roll.

For more information, visit pnpgolf.com.au

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Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

CLEVELAND Golf has released the RTX 4, calling it the most tour-authentic wedge the company has ever made.

Enhanced with fourth-generation Rotex, Cleveland Golf held nothing back during development of the RTX 4, creating a made-for-tour wedge in its purest form – utilising latest face technologies, tour-preferred shaping and expanded grind offerings.

RTX 4 generates more spin through the sharpest Tour Zip Grooves, most aggressive face milling, and more precise laser milling for the hottest face Cleveland Golf has ever developed.

After extensive tour feedback, RTX 4 features a more compact blade shape, with less offset and a smaller overall profile to provide that classic blade design that tour players prefer. Additionally, RTX 4 offers four new sole grinds, including an all-new XLOW grind, to provide the versatility to execute the most challenging greenside shots.

The wedges are available in three different finishes, (Tour Satin, Black Satin and Tour Raw) and left and right-handed options.

Cleveland’s RTX 4 wedges carry an RRP of $209.

Visit clevelandgolf.com.au for more details.

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Srixon Z Series

SRIXON’S new Z Series of tour-proven woods and irons are crafted for the best players in the world. The new Z Series woods [above] present a revolution in woods performance, delivering what Srixon calls its most powerful suite of offerings. The full line of Z Series woods features advanced materials to help amplify the long game. The Z Series drivers aim to boost speed and distance off the tee with the Ti51AF Cup Face. This cup face is the thinnest, lightest, strongest, and hottest driver face Srixon has ever produced. Featuring a lightweight carbon crown, Z Series woods shift the weight to the perimeter, offering more forgiveness and less offline dispersion.

The Z 785 driver promotes a low-spin, penetrating trajectory in a tour-preferred look and profile; meanwhile, the Z 585 driver promotes higher, straighter drives with additional forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

The same powerful technologies that deliver more speed, distance and forgiveness are present in the Z F85 fairway woods and Z H85 hybrids.

The Z Series woods are available now with an RRP of $579.95 for the Z 785 driver, $519.95 for the Z 585 driver, $399.95 for the Z F85 fairway woods and $299.95 for the Z H85 hybrids.

Building upon the success of the previous generation, the new Z Series irons offer tour-validated designs with a soft forged feel.

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The Z 785 irons [above right] feature a tour cavity, providing additional mass behind the impact location for increased shot-shaping ability and versatility. The Z 585 irons [above left] feature an added speed groove, which allows for more face flex, enhancing ball speed and distance.

Both irons offer an updated Tour V.T. Sole for smoother turf interaction and more consistent ball-striking, while the forged construction from the soft 1020 carbon steel provides a better feel through impact.

Building on the most recent success of the Z U65 utility iron, the new Z U85 Utility irons features a hollow, forged construction for a high-launch trajectory, soft feel, and unmatched distance.

The utility irons offer an iron-like address profile making them perfect to create the ideal combo set with the Z 785 or Z 585 irons depending on player preference.

The Srixon Z Series irons are available now with an RRP of $199.95 each for the Z 585 and Z 785 irons, while the U85 utility irons come in steel at RRP $265.95 or graphite RRP $295.95.

Visit srixon.com.au for more information.

What's HotMizuno JPX919 Series

JPX919 series is a highly engineered series of irons, evolved alongside Mizuno’s custom fitting program to produce exceptional performance. Three different base materials, each with the properties to enhance the results from a particular swing type, are all unmistakably Mizuno in profile and sensation through impact.

The JPX919 Tour model is surprisingly stable for its size, demonstrated in its tight distance patterns from off-centre strikes – the critical benchmark for elite level shotmakers. These irons are Grain Flow Forged HD (High Density) from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel in Hiroshima, Japan, for the softest, purest Mizuno feel yet. Compact and lean over the ball, the JPX919 Tour is designed to satisfy the needs of the game’s elite shotmakers and comes with an RRP of $249 per iron.

With a new reverse milled clubface, the JPX919 Forged model is Mizuno’s fastest ever forging in measured ball speed. Balanced with Mizuno’s trademark workability and elevated Grain Flow Forged HD feedback, the JPX919 Forged is also Mizuno’s most versatile iron. In the hands of a tour player searching for a distance equaliser, or an amateur wanting feedback to evolve their game, the streamlined JPX919 delivers on every level. CNC milled from the sole up, the JPX919 Forged boasts a larger area of minimum face thickness for consistently increased ball speeds and comes with an RRP of $269.

A benchmark in iron design, the JPX919 Hot Metal model combines an incredible balance of launch speed and soft, controllable landing angles. The use of a high strength Chromoly 4140M and seamless cup face construction produces the highest ball speed from any Mizuno iron. Mizuno’s new stability frame ensures that each iron within the set produces the correct flight apex, with landing angles steep enough to control shots into the green. The JPX919 Hot Metal, which was developed to hit specific vibration patterns identified as delivering a satisfying sensation through impact, comes at an RRP of $209.

For more information, check out mizuno.com.au