Jordan Spieth laid up a lot on the par 5s at (his win) at Augusta. On the back nine especially, he rarely went for the 13th and 15th in two. In our preparation, I came up with a practice exercise I call “wedge four ways.”

At 10-metre increments from 40-90m, I required that he hit shots at four trajectories: low, medium, high and extra high. All had to land no more than 2m short or long of the target. We then scored the number of attempts it took to pull all these off.

At the Masters, Jordan played the par 5s in 12-under par. He told me later, ” You know that ‘wedge four ways’ drill? On every one of the par 5s I used a different trajectory from that game.”

As a teacher, that’s rewarding.

Cameron McCormick is the director of instruction at Brook Hollow Golf Course in Dallas, Texas. He is the coach of world No.1 Jordan Spieth and an Australian who grew up in Victoria.

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