There’s nothing more terrifying than a teen. Growing up with an iPhone from Day One, today’s youths are ruthlessly passive-aggressive and accidentally harsh in a way that would send even the strongest of adults running for the hills. As John Mulaney said, “They will get to the thing that you don’t like about you. They don’t even need to look at you for long.”

In maybe the bravest act we’ve ever seen, Steve Stricker stood next to his daughter as she scrolled through some of his past looks and commented on his various hairstyles. The Strick Show withstanding this attack is equally as impressive as his 12 PGA Tour wins.

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“Today, we are roasting Dad,” Izzi begins. “We pulled up the archive and we got some brutal pictures … Is that a mullet?”

If you’re starting with a mullet, there’s nowhere to go but down. Luckily, Izzi pulled some punches, especially when it came to the matriarch of the family. Not a bad word for mom.

For the most part, Izzi is kind to her father who “still gels his hair” in the morning for flashbacks. But there was one Steve Stricker look that the teen couldn’t abide by. 2024-04-04 at 1.01.11 PM.png

“Oh, god, oh,” she says. “What is that? Looks like a curtain. A two! Not it.”

If you’re looking to buy Stricker’s ridiculous two-out-of-10 outfit, just go to your local Goodwill and ask for the ugliest possible item, but perhaps we can interest you in his new stuff that even Izzi Stricker (hopefully) would approve.

The man is a Bobby Jones Global Brand Ambassador. Dress like Stricker and find an outfit that doesn’t make your offspring want to roast you. That’s truly what it’s all about.

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