Say what you will about his questionably low handicap (currently 2.5, although with no scores posted since 2021) or some of his even more questionable “titles” at various club championships, but there’s no question that Donald Trump is the best golf-playing American president ever.

The man can still move a golf ball quite well at 77, and he still plays a lot. Which means we’re sure he still hits a lot of great shots. Unfortunately for the former president, the one captured on video recently that’s gone viral is a bad one. A really, really bad one.

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In a video that was first shared on Monday by someone named Sean Kumar on Instagram (thank you for your service, Sean) and spread far and wide by Nuclear Golf last Thursday evening, Trump is seen taking on a short shot at his Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles. And hitting an absolutely brutal shank. Check it out:

Yikes. That is a textbook hosel rocket.

And despite the fact we can’t be 100-percent certain that’s Trump in the clip, we’re calling it in his favour for a few obvious reasons. 1.) The red hat. 2.) The flank of golf carts undoubtedly filled with Secret Service following him. And, 3.) No one drives golf carts that close to greens other than Trump.

So, we’re sorry, Mr President, but that’s a rough one. And we’re surprised Mr Kumar hasn’t had his Instagram shut down yet.