The worst-kept secret in golf is no longer a secret: yesterday, after weeks of speculation, Tiger Woods officially announced the launch of his new golf apparel brand, Sun Day Red. As many also anticipated, the announcement coincided with Woods’ return to PGA Tour competition at the Genesis Invitational, but it did come with a surprise:

That space.

In almost none of the murmurs, grumblings, rumblings or tweets was there any cause for pause or mention of a space between “Sun” and “Day”. Of all the potential deviations from the script – Greyson Clothiers swooping in for a last-second coup, Woods not being healthy enough to go at Riviera this week – breaking Sunday up into two words was not something anyone saw coming.

If the odd alteration has your copywriter alarm bells ringing like a case of tinnitus after a Slayer concert, however, don’t worry. There’s rhyme to this randomness. At least according to TaylorMade chief executive David Abeles, who explained the decision to the New York Times.

“Sunday red is the colour that Mr Woods has made very famous on Sundays,” Abeles said. “But Mr Woods plays golf on more than just Sundays.”

Photo: Kevork Djansezian

Welp. We can’t dispute the factual content of that statement. PGA Tour pros have historically competed Thursday through Sunday, with practice rounds Monday to Wednesday. On their off weeks, they log countless both on the range and on the course. Abeles also waxed at length about the “rule of threes” and how golf is better when played in the sun. In other words, that innocent little space is doing A LOT of lifting.

Truth be told, we’re still a little on the cutline about this. It’s a little too cute. Just hit it close close, knock it in and print your money. This is Tiger Woods we’re talking about. You don’t need grammar tricks to move shirts. But who knows, maybe we’re the idiots here. Maybe we’re the ones who need to wake up and smell the rebrand coffee…

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