Golf fans didn’t need another reminder that the 2020 Masters has been postponed. In fact, it’s possible many would have forgotten about it next week when the tournament was to be played because being stuck at home has made keeping track of the days difficult.

That being said, one composer’s dark twist on the Masters theme song is bound to sadden people all over again. That’s because John Houston has taken Dave Loggins’ classic “Augusta” and put it in a minor key, which is music-speak for made it sound sad. Have a listen… if you can stomach it.

Nice job, John, but c’mon, man! We need uplifting tunes now more than ever! Like the normal version of the Masters theme song. Or even better, the old US Open theme song, Yanni’s iconic “In Celebration of Man”, which NBC now uses for the Open Championship. Hit it!

Ah, that’s better.

Although… now that has me thinking about the US Open being in jeopardy and Golf Digest’s report that the 2020 Open Championship looks set to be cancelled. Not postponed. Cancelled. Never mind. Give me the sad music, turn down the lights, and wake me up when there’s some good news.

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