For golf fans. Anthony Kim is gone, but not forgotten. Gone from professional golf, that is. We know he’s still alive because he pops up from time to time in a pet store or even on a golf course. Sadly, it’s been nearly eight years since Kim last teed it up in a PGA Tour event. But if anything could bring him back (he’s still only 34!), maybe it’s this song.

A few weeks ago we shared Sam Harrop’s musical parody in which he took a classic REO Speedwagon song and wondered when Tony Finau will win again. It was so well done that even Tony got a kick out of it. And now, Sam has turned his attention to the MIA AK with a fantastic followup effort to Take That’s “Back For Good.” Enjoy:

So catchy. So moving. And yet, so funny. Again, it’s tough to single out one line, but this part was outstanding:

“So what club are you in? Has Robert Allenby been? He won’t remember so just come back, you know you should.”

Hope you’re listening, AK.