Sometimes the way forward is looking into the past. That seems to be the sentiment with Scotty Cameron and his latest iteration of the Scotty Cameron Special Select lineup.

“I wanted to get back to the pure-milled shapes and faces that I’ve been crafting for Tour players for over two decades now,” Cameron said. “We’ve brought those designs into the modern era with new setups, necks, faces, grips and weights.”

A notion readily apparent on the faces of the Special Select models.

For the 2020 line Cameron has ditched the inlay that was a staple of recent blades. In their place is a more classic milled construction from a single piece of stainless steal, a switch that was made to improve consistency and enhance feel across the face.

This was feedback from PGA Tour players, as the overwhelming preference was for a more solid feel than most inserts can produce.

Though a return to a traditional face is the major proposition of the Select lineup, it’s far from the only alteration from the previous model. The head shapes were redesigned (most notably with thinner, flatter toplines to help the user at address) and reengineered, with heavier heel-toe tungsten weights located in the sole. This extra mass widens the sweet spot, enhancing a sense of stability to the stroke.

Another addition to the line – which features three blade models and five mid-mallets – are refined neck configurations, ranging from a slightly shorter plumbing neck for medium toe flow to a heel-shafted neck for maximum flow. Moreover, each Special Select putter is accessorised with a new Pistolini Plus grip, which boasts a thicker, less-tapered low-hand section of the handle to balance hand action.

Even a crowd favourite didn’t go untouched: Cameron’s signature red-dot pattern on the back of the cavity has been enhanced, with each dot milled with a recessed circular channel, polished and then hand-painted with cherry paint.

And yet, the modern advancements do not comprise the timeless aesthetic that have made Cameron putters an industry titan.

“Every aspect of every putter has been redone,” Cameron said. “When it all came together, it was pretty special.”

Stay tuned for Australian availability and pricing.