The 36 Aussie golf holes you must play at least once in your life.

Walk: Royal Adelaide

Walk On

What are the benefits of walking when it comes to playing golf? And where are the best courses for the wandering golfer?

What Our Best Clubs Do Right

What Our Best Clubs Do Right

With threats of closure continuing to haunt Australian courses on public land, we examine what privately owned clubs are doing to ensure their own long-term survival.

Open Door Policy: Public Access Golf Courses

Open-Door Policy: Golf In Australia

Australia’s greatest golf courses were once preserved for the rich and the privileged, but in 2018 there’s barely a course in this country you can’t play.

New South Wales Golf Club

When Cooler Heads Prevail

New South Wales Golf Club turned a potential fight with Randwick Council over a coastal walkway into a mutually beneficial solution.

George Gregan

The Game They Play In Heaven

Rugby union icon George Gregan opens up about his golf obsession, going to The Masters and the courses he plays post-retirement.


Adam Scott surprised viewers during the first round of the US Open when he donned a Uniqlo shirt that bore a striking resemblance to the top worn by the lead character in the film Happy Gilmore. Was it or wasn’t it a collared shirt?