Hannah Green

Pressure? What Pressure?

All eyes are on Hannah Green this month as she attempts to bring her Major-winning mojo to Royal Adelaide in search of a first national open. But if you think the growing expectation is weighing her down in her fairytale bid, think again.

Travis Partridge

Golfers We Like: Travis Partridge

Cancer survivor Travis Partridge on watching too much golf, taking inspiration from Tiger Woods, saving future generations and going the distance in Cancer Council’s Longest Day campaign.

Karis Davidson

Journeys: Karis Davidson

The Japan LPGA Tour is the unlikely proving ground for a Scottish-born Australian.

Moore Park is the most central of all the golf courses in Sydney.

No City Limits

Our guide to finding the best golf in Sydney.

Take it to more host courses like Royal Melbourne, please!

TRAVEL: Global Wonders Down Under

The dominant theme of Australia’s World Top-50 ranked courses? Proximity to city and sea at a price you won’t believe

A Life In Golf

As ‘Golf Month’ arrives, Annabel shares her story in the game.

Blurred Lines

An explosive e-mail from the LPGA to its members about their attire has ignited opinions from all corners of golf. Here’s our take(s).

Zen Putting with Annabel Rolley

Try Australian Golf Digest TV’s Annabel Rolley’s “Zen Putting” and remove the disconnect between your arms and body during the stroke.