Over a three-tournament span on the US PGA Tour last year that included the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the PGA Championship and The Barclays, Hunter Mahan hit 78.7 per cent of the greens in regulation. That equates to four more greens per round than the field average in those events. That’s a big deal.

What made Hunter so accurate was the flexion in his left wrist at impact [below]. Flexion means bending the wrist so the palm moves closer to the forearm. That’s the magic move that puts the clubface in position to compress the ball and control the trajectory and distance of the shot.

Before trying it with your full swing, start practising it on 50-metre wedge shots until the move feels routine. Then you’re ready to take it on the course and start peppering the greens.

Hunter Mahan

  • If the left wrist is in flexion at impact, you’ll be in position to compress an iron shot.
  • The result of flexion is the clubshaft will be leaning slightly towards the target at impact.

Hunter Mahan has six wins on the US PGA Tour, including the 2014 Barclays.

Sean Foley teaches at Orange County National in Florida.