As we’ve noted in this space before, it’s bad enough to give unsolicited advice to a playing partner on a golf course. It’s a different animal of awfulness when that counsel is wrong.

For whatever reason, certain suggestions and tips have become accepted as doctrine, when, in reality, this supposed guidance is anything but. However, because golfers, from weekend warriors to PGA Tour players, have an oversized appetite for improvement, they are willing to try and listen to anything. In short, the desperation to quench this thirst can lead to a mouthful of proverbial sand.

To protect you from falling into this trap, here are nine pieces of bad advice you should ignore on the golf course.

1. “Keep Your Hips Still”

It’s one thing to find your centre of balance, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to zero movement from your hips. Quite the opposite, actually. “Ideally, your hips turn away from the target as much as they can,” says instructor Sean Foley. “Here’s a great drill for feeling the proper rotation: Make practice backswings while posting up on your right toe. Your right foot should be set back about two feet from its normal position. This allows the hips to turn freely. If you don’t turn them, it’s difficult to keep your balance at the top.”

2. “Swing Your Club At The Flag”
"Swing Your Club At The Flag"
3. “Don’t Swing Too Hard With Your Driver”
"Don't Swing Too Hard With Your Driver"
4. “I Think You Need To Weaken Your Grip”
"I Think You Need To Weaken Your Grip"
"Keep Your Head Down"

6. “You Should Look At That Putt From A Different Angle”

"You Should Look At That Putt From A Different Angle"
7. “Take Your Wedge And Flop It”
"Take Your Wedge And Flop It"
"Take the Putter Straight Back"
"You're Overthinking It"